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The start of a new era

IMMAboss445 a posted Jun 13, 12
Hello all! We all know that BossCraft is a few months old now, and has seen some rough times. We have decided that after a while we should make a new server, well thats what we did, and it is growing more rapidly to becoming public. We only started this server a few days ago, too. Please register on the website to stay up to date
Jacie Whoops that is
Jacie For everyone looking for us, we are at server ip Jacie
Change of IP
Rapha yeah i cannot get on too hey imma boss try typing the then when a thing pops up type admin and pass admin an...
Jacie Server address is still
MadFace_ I cannot get on when will the server be back up?

Jacie Warps are now fixed.
Jacie Our apologies for the loss of ranks and the loss of warps. This is a brand new server with the old world.
Jacie Justin, did you put the :25567 after the IP address, it won't work unless you do. Hope to see you soon!!!

Moderators Needed

IMMAboss445 a posted May 10, 12
In order to be a mod on bosscraft you must follow all of this criteria

- You must be mature: If I hear the words "can I please be a moderator" after I have said no, or have said wait, once, your chance has just dropped down to slim to nothing, because that shows you are not very patient, or mature.

- You must have a lot of open time: We need you on our server as much as possible so you need to be on a lot.

- You must be helpful: You need to be able to help people out an any situation.

- Be very strict on rules!: We can't just have a mod who let's people break the rules?

- Be serious!: Do not joke around on the job doing so will equal instant demotion.

- You MUST know much of the nowadays plugins ,and commands that go with them. What use are you going to be if you can't protect someones house with world guard?

- Respect everyone: this means do not use profane language, and be respectful to staff. Usage of profane language can lead to demotion!

If you meet all of this go ahead and apply! Try your best on the app

Server Down

IMMAboss445 a posted Apr 30, 12
Server will be down for a little longer should be up soon
Mako109 It's kind of depressing that throughout my home-schooled day, I was constantly checking to see if the server was ba...
justinioonotari How Much Longer?
JacobMarsch is it still down?
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